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Why should you pay more than necessary? Why spend time trying to establish who is offering the best rates? Remove that hassle and leave it to us.

Are you a happy, upbeat person? Do people like to be around you? Do you have that cheerful, get-it-done type of grit and determination? Then our Junk Franchise could be for you. 

Would you like to be a part of company that believes in you and can help you with your big plans for the future? 


A Little Bit About Us

First let me start by introducing myself, my name is John O Connor and I am CEO and co-founder of Kollect with Robbie Skuse and John Hegarty. We are the best rated waste company in Ireland, where customer service is not the a department but the backbone of the company.

Today I’ll be giving you a little insight into how the Kollect culture of always going over and above for customers came to be. Of course, it’s very important in business to look ahead but we worked hard to get where we are and understanding where we came from helps us move forward in the right way.

So, to begin it was just me and the other founders. That was way back in December 2015 and it was an exciting time, we had a vision  to create a business model similar to mytaxi, the on-demand taxi platform, but instead of moving people, Kollect would move waste. We would have three verticals Bin Collections, Junk and Skip Hire. We knew early on that the industry was stacked against us so we had to create our own niche or calling card. The big guys had money and resources and all this corporate firepower that we could not match so we sat back and began to think—what could we bring to the table that none of them could? The answer just came about naturally.

It wasn’t that we set out with this grand plan to outdo competitors in terms of customer service. No, by June 2016 we had done thousands of jobs customers and the culture really stemmed from us simply appreciating that customer base so much that we would do absolutely anything to look after them. We didn’t want to lose even one. That meant giving out our own phone numbers, answering calls from 7 am to 11 pm 7 days a week.  We would have a meeting each morning to discuss where we fell down yesterday in regards our service and introduce processes to ensure it wouldn’t happen again Nothing, not profit, nor our time, nor wages came before making sure those customers got excellent service and I think it paid off. We are now Irelands best rated waste company or dare I say it, Ireland best rated company.




Are you beginning to understand my opening questions: “Are you a happy, upbeat person? Do people like to be around you? Do you have that cheerful, get-it-done type of grit and determination? ” You can’t make an industry exceptional without people who make other people smile.

If you’re one of those people – and I think you are – here’s what you need to do next to get your own Kollect Junk Franchise:


Kollect is the fastest growing waste company in Ireland and winner of numerous awards including best start up in  Ireland at the BOI National startup awards. Franchises are now being sold-out in every big city and town in Ireland and the UK. Dozens upon dozens of our team will make their fortunes with our company. I want that to happen to you, too.



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Bank of Ireland’s StartUp Awards Winner 2016


Ireland’s StartUp Weekend Winner


Intertrade Ireland’s Seedcorn Winner


Enterprise Ireland’s Competitive Start Fund Winner


Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur – 3rd place Winner


Google Adopt a StartUp Programme Finalists

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